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Foils by ArtsSyVille Embellishments® is a collection of Silvers, Gold, Colors and Patterns. These foils create a high reflective surface that can embellish any surface used in combination with Foil Adhesive.

Gel Medium

Gel Medium by ArtsSyVille Embellishments® is a waterborne acrylic medium that can be used to build layers of transparent color, as well as a medium that you can mix AE Glitter and Mica Flakes into. Gel Medium appears milky when wet, but dries to a smooth transparent high gloss finish.

Texture Medium

Texture Medium by ArtsSyVille Embellishments® is a low VOC tintable plaster that has a matte finish. Texture Medium was developed to use with Artistic Painting Studio Decorative Art Rollers – create interesting textures and patterns on furniture, cabinetry, walls, etc.

Embossing Texture

Embossing Texture by ArtsSyVille Embellishments® is a multi-purpose, water base, acrylic, plaster-like medium that is ideal for raised relief, heavy distressed textures and stenciling.

Crystal Clear Crackle

Crystal Clear Crackle by ArtsSyVille Embellishments® dries to a hard, clear, glossy nonabsorbent surface creating a “cracked porcelain” pattern which an overglaze will enhance. Crystal Clear Crackle is a single-step process that does require sizing or can be further enhanced with Cracking Size.

Urban Crackle

Urban Crackle by ArtsSyVille Embellishments® dries to a smooth, hard surface and generates a geometric cracking pattern. Urban Crackle is a single-step process or can be further enhanced with Cracking Size.

StoneTex Crackle

StoneTex Crackle by ArtsSyVille Embellishments® dries to a rough, hard surface that generates a more “organic” irregular cracking pattern. StoneTex Crackle is a single step process or can be further enhanced with Cracking Size.

Cracking Size

Cracking Size by ArtsSyVille Embellishments® may be employed to increase the size of fissures and platelets of the cracking patterns at thinner film thickness. Recommended to be used with all the crackle mediums.

Decorative Art Rollers

Decorative Art Rollers offer a wonderful creative tool to create pattern and design and are SO fabulous to work with and I want everyone to try them! Discover the unlimited possibilities of pattern and texture that you can create with APS Decorative Art Rollers. Each roller is made of high-quality rubber and measures 7″ long by 2″ diameter. Use a single roller pattern or combine several different patterns to create infinite variety of surface treatments. You can roll through paint, glaze, textures, plasters and more. Create unique finishes that are fast, fun and easy.

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