It all started a little

over two years ago when we

attended a “Paint a Chair” class…

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Our Story

It all started with a class hosted by one of the original owners, Karen and Brooke, as a date night. After that class, I found myself sneaking back to the Nest, buying paint and pieces to “play” with. I went home and got busy thinking up how to create accessories that matched and–before long–Jen and I were hooked. I started doing my own painting and finally discovered I had a hobby! On the other side of things Jen was creating great accessories and wall decor to compliment. It became the process to an outlet and release for us.

During the past couple years our family has had its fair share of challenges, and I used the process to release some stress… before I realized it, I was having my best conversations with God over a brush and a can of paint. The process of creating and transforming became more and more of a spiritual connection and journey, which led us to a new one. And with Jen and I both having previous retail management experience we looked at ways to make the experience better for the client/customer, while still sharing our testimony and passion for Christ and people! As a result, we are ecstatic to have an opportunity to present to you,

The great news is that Brooke and Karen will still be part of the experience in an artist and teaching capacity. We will continue some of the great things you are used to from the Nest and introduce you to additional product lines and experiences that only this crew can pull off!

Jennifer and I are incredibly excited to have the opportunity to purchase the Nest from our friends Brooke and Karen! For us, this talent, creativity, and art that is more than just stuff! For us it is part of a journey we all take.


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