Brooke HalversonPainter

The story of Brooke Halverson’s journey, hmmmm…. if you know me that you
could take awhile! So I am going to give you the short version of my journey thus
far with “The Nest”, as we have lovingly called both stores and a brief
background of me.
My family would say I was born to create things. I have loved drawing, painting,
creating, making, and mixing ideas as long as I can remember. I never enjoyed
reading, I always felt trapped by what the book said, if I created with art I could
make it whatever I wanted it to be there were no rules, no mistakes and no limits. I
always planned to go into Art Therapy and Child Psychology, there I could
combine my two passions, my love of people and art. Well life happens and
detours take place but the goal was always still there, help people while creating
with them.
Little did I know God had a different plan, He needed to work on me first! After
having my first of two planned carpal tunnel surgeries, I was diagnosed with
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) within a year it had spread to both
arms, shoulders and my neck. This sorry is way to long but I would receive
treatment and surgery for three years without being able to do much of anything
with my hands. I lost my job, my art and really my own identity. That’s when God
showed me He was going to heal what really needed healed more than my body,
my mind and heart.
As He did God slowly using my sister showed me how I could still do art just
differently, not the detailed fine art but fabulous furniture became my canvas. As
God healed my brokenness He brought others into my life that were hurting and I
was able to listen and share in a new way with new compassion because of my
experience and the chronic pain I deal with. God has given me the ability to teach
classes and encourage others to break free from the busy lives we leads and take
time to paint a piece for their home, do a Pinterest inspired project in class with a
friend or make new connections with people they did not know before! So God
still fulfilled my dream just in another way, I still get to help people and do art!
God has shown me we are not that different from a 50 year old dresser, when we
are given some TLC, over good conversation you really see our true beauty and
how well built we are. Plus you never know what treasures you might find on the
Thank you to all of the friends I have made on this journey and to all those I will
make in the future! I am truly blessed to have Karen as my partner in painting and
grateful that Brad and Jen have a vision to impact peoples lives as well and
continue this journey with us. I look forward to the journey with each and
everyone of you and until then……keep painting and praying!

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